Sing Le

About Me

Hello, my name is Sing Le and I’ve recently finished my Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering and Science degree at Monash. My interests lie in the field of robotics and machine learning, in particular, where the hardware meets software, and integrating the two fields together to create elegant solutions. This enthusiasm probably stemmed from watching the movie “I, Robot” as a kid.

My role in this project

Through my final year project in the SIR group, my main focus was working on the hardware and electronics aspects of the project. I’ve developed a testing platform (a) and classification technique for measuring the performance of hybrid actuators in terms of their maximum force produced and bending angle achieved. Using this method, the prototype hybrid actuators were classified and the results from these experiments demonstrated that these new type of actuators were viable in a portable glove application. In addition, I also worked on a portable pneumatic control and monitoring system (b) to realise the At-home rehabilitation aspect of the project. The developed system was lightweight, modular and highly customisable to ensure comfortability and extensibility for users. Finally, I’ve also worked on designing and prototyping a PCB (c) that can read sEMG signals on the forearm to provide some feedback to the system.