Oscar Lau

About Me

Hello, my name is Oscar Lau and I am an enthusiastic student and have recently completed my Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering and Science degree at Monash University. I enjoy learning and researching topics in the fields of mathematics, physics and robotics. My main interests includes developing new technologies and building mobile robots that could benefit society, in particular, people who require assistance in their everyday life activities.

My role in this project

In 2016, I have worked in the SIR group to complete my final year project. I was responsible for working on the software aspects of the project and integrating it with the hardware side of the project. I have developed a simple hand model that can be simulated in a 3D virtual environment and replicating simple hand gestures from the user using sEMG sensors. In order to replicate the hand gestures performed by the user wearing the electrodes, I have implemented algorithms to classify the sEMG signals to recognize different hand gestures. All the algorithms have been coded using python and has demonstrated feasible results with a high percentage of recognizing specific patterns. Lastly, I have also developed a simple hand rehabilitation game that aims to help patients to recover their hand mobility by continuously exercising the fingers/hand to retrain the neural networks to the brain so the patients remember how to move.