Welcome to the SIR Group

The Sustainable + Intelligent Robotics Group is led by Dr. SONG, Chaoyang at Monash University with a dedicated research focus on developing novel robotic systems that are sustainable in design and intelligent in technology. Dr. Song completed his undergraduate degree at Tongji University, Shanghai, China in 2009, and Ph.D. degree at the Robotics Research Center at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore in 2014. His doctoral research focuses on the theoretical kinematics of a class of overconstrained linkages, dealing with the fundamental mechanism theory in robotics and mechanical engineering. During post-doc research, Dr. Song joined the newly founded Singapore University of Technology and Design. His post-doc research moves towards the application end of research and development, investigating the factor of technological and design innovation in the successful translation of lab results into commercial products. He continued his post-doc research topic at Massachusetts Institute of Technology before joining Monash University as a Lecturer, which is equivalent to a Tenure-track Assistant Professor position in North America*.

SONG, Chaoyang, Ph.D.

Lecturer / Assistant Professor
Sustainable + Intelligent Robotics Group
Monash University
Room 116, 17 College Walk
Clayton, VIC 3168, Australia

Students interested in applying for the upcoming James Dyson 2017 Award are welcome to contact me for further details.