ENG5002-6002 17S2 Risk Assessment

[The following is up-to-date as of Aug 22]

After Priscilla’s talk in Week 05’s class, please find the following documents to help you evaluate and manage the potential risks during this class. The following documents are prepared by Priscilla, and her slides for Week 05’s class can be accessed here.

  1. Risk Matrix to assess risk rating 
  2. Pyramid hierarchy of control
  3. Hazard Category guide
  4. Samples of suggested controls
  5. Spare assessment sheets

And here are a few tips from Pricilla to help you further

  1. Provide a short descriptor of the design-build
  2. Risk assess the tasks involved in the design-build.
  3. Be clear on what the safe control actions are
  4. Person responsible – is the person who is doing the task ie name of the team member doing the task
  5. If your residual risk is still medium to high. Check with another team if they can identify any additional control you can put in place for your assessment. Remember effective Risk Assessment is a team effort.
  6. Free food safety training from Dept of Health 

Pricilla has also generously allocated two time-slots to provide individual consultations, feel free to drop by and have a chat.

  • August 24 and August 31 between 1530 and 1730
  • Group Cary, please pay special attentions to the above time slot as you missed her talk.
  • Her office is Room 117, Building 31 (my office is on the next door).

The following teams shall have received notification of revision: please review the above documents and Priscilla’s talk, and revise your risk assessment forms.

  • Here is the updated link for risk assessment submission
    • Please make sure you’ve signed it before submitting to me
    • You can leave your risk assessment supervisor part as blank in your submitted PDF
    • Including
      • Adam: 2, 4, 5, 7, 8
      • Beth:  3, 5, 7
      • Cary: 1, 2, 4, 7, 8 (Please review the above files and seek help from Priscilla if anything unclear, her time slots are listed as above)
      • Dave: 1, 2, 5
      • Eden: 2, 4, 5, 7
      • Faye: 5, 7
      • Gary: 2, 6
  • Rename your files as instructed, otherwise invalid submission
    • “RevisedRiskAssess-Group#Team#.pdf”
    • i.e. RevisedRiskAssess-Adam1.pdf, RevisedRiskAssess-Cary8.pdf
  • Submission Deadline: August 25 noon at 1200

All other teams, you are still highly encouraged to review the above documents and resources to help you manage the potential risks during this course.

  • If you previously submitted form is not signed, you will need to sign it and resubmit using the above link. Please double check and if you are not sure. Just submit again might be the easiest way to confirm.


[The following is archived]

As introduced by Stelois in Week 02’s class, each team will be required to conduct a risk assessment of your prototyping work in this course. And here are the instructions.

Please only sign your names and leave the advisor part blank.

  1. Please review this Slide by Steolios.
  2. Complete this risk assessment form.
  3. Submit it at this link before Aug 15 noon at 1200.

Please use what you’ve submitted in your startup summary to describe your work in the risk assessment.

Feel free to contact your demonstrator or Stelios and Bill about how to fill the form properly.