ENG5002-6002 17S2 Startup Teams & Ideas

ENG5002-6002 17S2 Startup Teams & Ideas

All students need to be in team of 6 with a one-paragraph summary of their startup idea. Presentation schedules will be posted here for communication and announcement. Please don't use ideas that you are not comfortable sharing with others as this course is for learning and education, but not for business development. On a side note, you shouldn't be afraid to share you idea, as it is the actual development, iteration, and adaptation that matters to a business venture's long-term success, not just an idea itself.
Adam1CLAUDITISOur teamÕs start-up idea involves a digitally secure door lock. It is specifically designed for potential buyers and leaser looking for new property. This door lock gives them access to visit the property at their own time.
The lock is password activated by the agent through an app. This way the agent can control who visits the home without leaving their office. Also, it gives the customer, ease and convenience to check the place. This door lock can also feature a choice of time duration, so that the time spent at the property could be to the liking of the customer but not going over the limit. Once the house is leased, this lock can be reused for the next house. In the long run, this can be also used by customers who would like to rent their home without being present there.
Omar Abdulbari Awadh Bin Tarsh
Sujita Sharma
Jigar Jitubhai Patel
Adwait Sanjay Shanware
Sinu Mathew Chunkathil
Ammar Qaiser Choudhary
AkshayM: Akshay More
Adam2VirtusSpinal pain and deformities are burgeoning in todayÕs world as the masses are subjected to intense workload. A report stated that 31 million Americans have lower back pain (LBP) at any given time.

Currently, there are only spinal braces and sensors which only support your bad posture but do not correct it nor help people with severe spinal deformities. Surgery being the ultimate solution, it's not in the financial reach of the common. ThatÕs exactly where we step in!

Flexion is the first medical device that automatically corrects your bad posture and aids spinal deformities thereby preventing you from acquiring back pain, remaining within the comfort and control of the patient. Just wear it and forget. Because now, we got your back!
Wenhao Wu
Nusrat Jahan Prova
Karan Kiran Mehta
Atharva Mukund Gajendragadkar
Zhiying Liu
Xiwen Cui
AkshayM: Akshay More
Adam3Free SpaceParking is painful process especially when you search for an on-street parking spot near to your destination. However, monitoring on-street parking by authorities is another obstacle. Our ÒFree SpaceÓ parking system aims to solve the on-street parking issues for both divers and parking authorities by employing efficient and simple RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. Free Space consists of RFID tags, which communicate the presence of vehicles on designated on-street parking spots to an antenna, which is connected to a reader. The reader updates the available information in real time and can send it to a developed phone APP. As parking information will be available online, drivers can plan their journey efficiently and parking authorities can monitor their spots remotely.Muhammad Jawwad Rafi Burney
Akshay Mahajan
Yang Li
Athauda Arachchige Tharindu Niroshan Athauda
Khaled Saleh S Alamri
TianyaoS: Tianyao Shen Team of 5
Adam4Y-NokWe at Y-Nok are developing an affordable smart doorbell ÒWelcomeÓ, to help homes that cannot afford an expensive one currently available but, would prefer something similar and in a lesser price.Rixon Miranda
Feiran Huang
Eti Choudhary
- Suvarna Dinesh Vasantha
Adithya Adiga
Rajat Rajesh Jairath
RohanN: Rohan Nowell
Adam5GenesisOur start-up, Genesis, is developing a hybrid scooter focused at reducing emissions and running costs to guide the common people towards a greener future, by the means of a series-parallel hybrid configuration.Sohan Saha
Cynthia Rajasharmishta Shankar
Minu Tummala
Sri Harsha Neelamraju
Pavan Kumaar Macherla
Vishnu Vardhan Surapa
Bharath Kalluri Parmesh
AkshayM: Akshay More Team of 7
Adam6#N/A#N/ANo members
Adam7SpursAuto Exhaust Hood is an automatic ventilation control system to solve the daily problem that people frequently forget to turn on the exhaust hood before cooking and turn off after cooking, which could be a potential fire hazard in houses.Yuhang Lu
Juehua Wang
Xiaoyang Xia
Shiling Qin
Xing Wang
Mingrui Yang
AkshayM: Akshay More
Adam8AdamTheEigthThe systems consist of the ÔSmart LockÕ, which sits at the intersection of bags zips, and two RFID key FOBS. To lock their bag, the user merely needs to place the key FOB in contact with RFID receiver on the lock, which will firmly fasten the zips on the bag.
The product also features, a phone application that allows the user to associate there lock with their phone preventing unauthorised access. It also allows the user to track the location of their luggage using the built-in GPS tracker embed into the lock.
In addition, the lock features a USB port with built in battery to charge users phone.

Darren Dominic Menezes
Shashank Nangli Satish
Ribu Thomas
- Nivin Daniel Varughese
Sethusrivatsan Guhan
Curtis Moses
DeruiJ: Derui Jiang
Beth1High RisersLight transmitting concrete blocks, is developing the traditional construction materials to help the increasing number of high rises reduce dependence on artificial lighting, which also burden the temperature control system in balancing heating level, by using optical fibers which can transmit light through the concrete blocks. The sustainable idea can achieve the reduction in electricity charges for both lighting and temperature control purposes.Bhadragiri Asheesh Padiyar
Herong Wang
Akshay Mysore Srinivas
Pratik Rajaram Shah
Raj Swetalbhai Shah
Shyamkumar Nandakumar Gokularamanan
AkshayM: Akshay More
Beth2DynamoBicycles are a cheap and eco-friendly mean of transportation that evolved in terms of ergonomics and safety, but still a topic has not been approached; the potential of generating electrical energy from the rotation of the wheels. Our idea is to design an attachable device that can harvest this energy into a battery making clean electricity available at any time for different applications. First, it will charge smartphones on the go. For commuters, delivery riders, and cyclists the use of different apps that involved GPS is convenient and in some cases necessary; running out of battery will never be an issue. Also, it will keep bike seat and handles warm, which can make our trip more pleasant in cold winter.Yue Xi
Julian Francisco Somoza Montes
Fabrizio Guillen Salloun
Oriana Corina Gil Serrato
Chawaphon Prayoonyong
Carlos Alfredo Cardenas Perez
RohanN: Rohan Nowell
Beth3SpartansWe are planning to do the laptop stand with a charging pad as it's table surface.The main reason we are doing this is that in today's generation laptops are more versatile but ergonomically not so ideal, the longer we spend time on them the more we hunch over them, causing pain in the neck, shoulder or back.We can also observe that many people are facing the problem in the resting postures.So this stand will help the people to use laptops in any comfortable resting position. And also, the continuous usage of these electronic gadgets leads to their battery drainage. In order to overcome the problems related to charge also, we are providing a battery backup source to the stand so that the gadgets can be charged immediately.Visveswar Reddy Toomkunta
Chandrakanth Gorantla
Mrudula Kantamneni
Praveen Eswararaju
Sai Krishna Avinash Pulavarthi
Meher Vamsi Manda
RohanN: Rohan Nowell
Beth4B&CStartup name, is developing an automated medicine dispenser (Pill Plus) to help patients with limited supervision to take medication on proper time.

The embedded control system of Pill Plus allows the user to define medication administration time by using a keypad and has the function of alarming the patients to take medication. The sensor in the tray can detect the medication if they are not taken by the patients and send a message to the responsible supervision person or the doctor. The Wi-Fi system in the Pill Plus updates the medication taken status for the responsible person. The medication taking time, status and the system function details can be monitored via a display screen attached to the device. We will also develop an android application for Pill Plus.
Yize Zhou
Lianggang Li
Nahid Sultana
Md Faisal Alam Prodhan
Faiza Mubassara
SimeonC: Simeon Cheuk Team of 5
Beth5e-Footerse-Footers is planning to develop an energy generating foot gear. There is rapid growth in the need for small, efficient and portable energy sources, so generating electrical energy by walking is a big step towards sustainable development. This urgent need helped us to come up with a modified version of footwear, called e-Shoe, which has a piezo-electric transducer in the shoe sole that can convert the pressure exerted to electrical energy which is stored in a battery/ power bank and can be used later when required. A small LED light in the front portion of the shoe can be switched on and off as per the user. This facility is aimed for immediate and free illumination source, when undertaking a nighttime journey. We believe this product has the potential to become a profitable business.Saranshkumar Kamlesh Shah
Mohamed Rizwan Rasiqu
Kaushal Pramodkumar Surana
Divya Lalitkumar Chauhan
Soumya Ranjan Panda
RezaS: Reza Sabet Team of 5
Beth6MINIONSOur idea is to construct a sustainable structure that reduces the temperature of the structure by using the simple principle of evapotranspiration. It can be achieved by constructing hollow walls in the eastern and western side of the house with ventilators and a garden outside. The garden has differential layers of soil, gravel and a geo-membrane present to purify the air being sucked inside.The air gets sucked in through the tubes, gets cooled down due the moisture present in the soil and cools the inside of the house. This concept is purely based on the humidity present in the air, i.e., if the air entering has high humidity, there can be a significant reduction in the temperature inside the structure, if the air entering is dry there can be a 2¼ to 3¼C reduction in the temperature.Muddasir Basha Muneer Basha
Mithin Joy
Sai Sushma Yamjala
Andrews Bethala
Ali Eliyas Mohammed
Obadhya John Raj Kalluri
RezaS: Reza Sabet
Beth7ScourgifyScourgify is developing self-cleaning bowls to help people with hectic routines and schedules or a desire to promote environmental friendly products to solve the problem of washing bowls after every meal and prevent usage of plastic bowls by using cellulosic materials coated with super hydrophobic layer.Ayisha Arivazhagan
Afaq Nadeem
Zeenat Hameed
Yogender Singh Raghuveer Singh
Ahmed Ibrahim
Sayali Vishnu Pawar
RezaS: Reza Sabet
Beth8MAJESTYIn the future, the non-renewable sources will drastic drop due to its usage skyrocketing over the last few decades leading to a plethora of questions regarding our future. This has opened a pathway for sustainable development with renewable energy.
Currently, the conventional sources of wind energy are expensive which lead us to come up with idea of bladeless windmills. These windmills are excluding blades thereby minimizing the costs such as manufacturing, maintenance and operating costs. It also generates maximum electricity with minimum expenses.
The oscillation of the cylinder due to the wind forces causes it to spin in a whirlpool or vortex. This causes a vibration creating kinetic energy which is converted into electricity with the aid of a linear generator.
Chun Nok Wong
Romeel Ranjit
Nishkal Balaraj Thadipeneni
Bingnan Yang
Karandeep Singh Sudan
Pratik Madhukar Chavan
Fenish Sanjaykumar Thesia
DeruiJ: Derui Jiang Team of 7
Cary1Life Support FilterThe group is trying to find out what could be improved in peopleÕs
daily life and focuses on drinking water as there is a lot of phenomenon of wasting water. At first, the team preferred to design a kind of tools just for the use of emergency water, when those people trapping in forest or sea cannot find drinking water. However, when gaining an insight into the real situation, the group members learned that 663 million inhabitants, such as Africans, are living without access to clean water, and 2.4 billion people are living in a bad sanitation. Therefore, the purpose of this project is not only to design a water filter for emergency water use but to make an effort to help those people cannot have access to drinking water as well.
Jinglun Wang
Zhechen Ye
Ziyang Liu
Haolin Xie
Yahan Niu
Bingxin Zhang
WenchengL: Wencheng Liu
Cary2Solar treeOur startup idea is solar tree.
Energy is the cornerstone of the existence and development of modern society.
Currently, the scarcity of fossil resources is becoming more and more prominent. Hence, developing renewable energy has become an important part of the future energy strategy.
solar power has more advantages compared with traditional fossil energy. Hence, in our idea that we are going to design the solar tree to supply nearby street lights. The solar tree could be design in other style. These styles could be sculpture, sunshade etc. We hope it can be more beautiful and functional than traditional solar trees.
In addition, we would like to add storage function or synchronize it into electric grid to solve the problem that working in rainy days.
Hao Zhang
Jingjing Ren
Zhiyi Wang
Wentao Wang
Junjie Sun
Zhicheng Liu
YueZ: Yue Zhao
Cary3EDGFirst to be a group, we were trying to think which market we can get into. Based on the majority of our group is chemical engineers, we would like to relate our previous study knowledge for this proposal. So, we decided to utilize the idea of smart coating, it has obtained a great interest in both academia and industry for the product to be commercialized. With the help and idea from Prof Xuchuan Jiang and Dr. Minsu Liu from Monash University, we decided to utilize the idea of smart coating which has an enormous demand in the market in the recent years. In particular, the smart coating as an alternative for energy saving is the interest for this start-up proposal.Zhigang He
Afida Khofsoh
Wenjun Zhu
Haoyu Wang
Rizka Mulyawan
Christine Darmali
WenchengL: Wencheng Liu
Cary4Silent HillMany activities around home might be heared by neighbors, and not all noises are acceptable. In some extent, it might interfere with their neighbour's well-being. For example, it might disturbs sleep and has negative impact on elderly and ill, parents and children who work or study at home. However, individuals are able to plan any noisy activities in their own residential environment, such as renovation or a party. In addition, using noisy equipment in their own indoor places is their property. In order to enjoy their life at indoor places, our team decide to design to reduce noise.Yi Zhang
Yuying Wang
Shiran Liu
Ronghui Tao
Jing Yang
Zhaochen Li
TianyaoS: Tianyao Shen
Cary5M3MMultiple Weather Condition Monitor(MWCM) is a device to monitor different weather condition such as solar radiation, wind speed and rain present. It is aim to help a complex renewable generation plant (combination of solar panel, wind turbine and others renewable generator) to gather the weather condition data. These data will be used to determine whether a generation will be activated and which mode it such run.
The produce has several independent parts. Each part is in charge of monitoring a certain atmosphere condition. All the sensor sections are connected to the microcontroller, which gathers all the raw data and transfer them to digital form. The transferred data could be used to control the generator, show the tendency graph or predict the future weather.
Xuqing Xie
Yanhao Pan
Jingda Liu
Zirui Dou
Jiawei Chen
Ziyicheng Wang
YueZ: Yue Zhao
Cary6EasyLifeOur company, EasyLife, is developing an electronic based wearable sensor to help monitor elderly patients and notify their caretakers via a smartphone app in case they wander off or fall down.Yiyi Liu
Sagar Poudel
Zhaoran Li
Yunzhi Ling
Shawn James Misquith
Gurvikram Singh Singh
Jyotismita Das
HanaS: Hana Shiraz Team of 7
Cary7Mosquito KillerThe name of our startup would be ÔVacuum CatcherÕ. It is an idea developed by our team to build an upgraded version of the current facilities we have in the market for terminating mosquitoes. We believe that our product will definitely help farmers and the people living in countryside were mosquito control is necessary. And our solution is by using ÔvacuumÕ as one of the source for grabbing/terminating the insects instead of collectors, bags and electric shocks.Hongli Su
Justin Sam Varghese
Ziqi Zuo
Yaxuan Ma
Thanh Hieu Thai
Xiaoxing Yao
YueZ: Yue Zhao
Cary8Cary8WeÕre living in a golden age where smart technology and connectivity has paved way for easy living.
Smart Lock, is a smart and secure lock system for your home. It integrates security features like bio-metrics and facial recognition with inter-networking. So you donÕt have to worry about losing your keys. You can unlock with just a finger swipe, or let our Smart Lock phone app lock or unlock doors for you.
With Smart Lock, you can monitor and get updates for activities, set custom profile and entrance privileges for family and friends. You can do all this from any location. This can also help people with special needs ensuring ease, along with security and flexibility.
Myagmarjav Bold
Shekar Uttam Cuthambakam Chandra
Raviteja Reddy Chedepudi
Kenny D'Souza
Hasan Ali
Xinyu Qiao
DeruiJ: Derui Jiang
Dave1LalalaThe Champion Kitchen (TCK) is the combination of cutting board, mini electric scales and colander. It will be made from tempered glass and plastic. It could be debated that TCK brings with it a number of positive points. Firstly, experts in cooking could take note the exact weight for each component of their new recipe. Another point worth mentioning is that housewives or new chef do not have to cope with the issues of weight of spices in cooking books, which could be problematic in the common ones. Moreover they could save time because of the integration of colander. One reason for great significance is that the main chef who is also the owner of small restaurants could chop accurately the weight meat that they want for each dish. By doing this, users could save a lot of money.Yuxi Ma
Hao Hu
Huu Huan Le
Yuzhi Dai
Jitong Lyu
RezaS: Reza Sabet Team of 5
Dave2Handi-abledVIAV is an advanced vehicle designed for people with visual impairment. It is equipped with UV Sensors for Obstacle detection and 3D Camera for detection of traffic signals for navigation. The VIAV is programmed with multiple language speech recognition using Nuance Speech Engine and a GPS for finding routes. The VIAV follows white lines which must be installed in all the pavements for pedestrians and uses Arduino coded Micro controller to follow these white lines. It operates by commands provided by the user and automatically moves with the speed preferred by the user. It will also be programmed with machine learning algorithms for supervised and unsupervised learning. The VIAV is registered to a user and contains medical information and emergency contact in case of emergency.Raj Saravanan Sengottaiyan
Nagarjun Sivaprasad Gujar
Alagappan Panneerselvam
Sayoni Sanyal
Harigowtham Muralidharan
- Kanchumarthi Vasanthi
HanaS: Hana Shiraz
Dave3PPX TeamThe startup is coin tube.
It is developing a special wallet for coin collecting and classification. The proposal of our design is to help those people who live in a coins-using country to make the collection and classification of coins easier. This simple device was assembled by six individual unit, each unit has a small window to let coins in and out. Different unit collects different coin with specific value. Inside of the unit, there exists a mechanical spring to keep coins compact and stable. Every unit can be detached individually to make it easier to take out coins.
Siwei Luo
Mohammed Al Dali
Wenzhuo Duan
Yuqing Huang
Shiliang Fu
Qianfei Feng
SimeonC: Simeon Cheuk
Dave4GoGreenGoGreen, is developing a credit based system for waste management to help people of Victoria become more environment friendly by reducing the amount of landfill waste produced. Initially we will be developing a database that has defined credit points for all products sold in Victoria. Products are rated according to the quantity and quality (impact on the environment) it produces. A positive credit is given to products that produce more recyclable waste, and a negative credit is given to products that generate wastes that go to landfill. The Government can use this system and give credit to each person according to the products they purchase every month. People will be encouraged to keep a positive credit as they will get monitory benefits from the government.Allan Chacko Ipe
Naveen Kumar Muthuraj
Manuel Thampan
Sugumaran Meganathan
Haroon Nettilamkuzhiyil Ibrahim
Sidharth Ramachandran Neissery
HanaS: Hana Shiraz
Dave5Huge DragonOur team want to create a pair of smart gloves. Winter outside is too cold to keep hands be bellowed by cold air, but many young people like us need to use smart phone. So, we decide to figure out a way that use smart phone in winter outside with warmth. Our product has an impressive name: Huge Dragon Gloves. The Huge Dragon Gloves: a pair of gloves which focus on those who are keen on playing phone not only keep warm for people in the winter but use fingerprint to unlock their mobile phone, providing reliable wireless battery charging and facilitating convenience of using mobile phones and preventing frostbite in the winter.Ge Wu
Yijie Tao
He Huang
Weikang Xu
Kezhong Zhou
Xiang Lyu
HanaS: Hana Shiraz
Dave6dB-SafedB-Safe is developing an in-ear sound pressure sensing device, to help workers commonly exposed to noise-induced hearing loss environments reduce the likelihood of hearing damage, by alerting the worker when the current hearing protection being utilised is inadequate for the environment they are in; preventing potentially irreversible damage.Craig Ian Forster
Ximing Gu
Wenzhe Deng
Yuen Fung Lam
Junfu Yang
Jalaj Sharma
QichengH: Qicheng Hou
Dave7MinEffA person can survive for weeks without food, but only a day or two without consuming water. The minimum amount of water required ranges between 2-3 litres daily which may be difficult to carry while traversing in the wilderness.
We, from propose the use of a newly designed ÒTravellersÕ BottleÓ as a solution to this problem. The TravellersÕ Bottle is designed to allow users to collect and purify water from the wilderness before consumption. The bottle is made primarily of stainless steel, safe as a medium to cook and store water. However, the use of the TravellersÕ Bottle is not limited to collecting and purifying water from the wilderness. The detachable base and LifeStraw along with its sturdy and lightweight structure makes it an ideal for everyday use.
Darren Ean Jean Tan
Brandon Junyin He
Gil Menachem Avraham
Bilawal Aslam Khan
Yitbarek Abraham Tesfamariam
Timo Nicolas Johannes Stoffregen
QichengH: Qicheng Hou
Dave8High Rollers Pvt LtdYouÕre planning a tour, carry a few suitcases and travel bags,big and heavy when fully packed. When starting from home and in station or Airport, you always find those bags & suitcases unwieldy to handle.You handle a lot of packages in your companyÕs warehouse. To move them around, you always seek to hire extra men. It upsets your running expense budget, & time factor.Hospitals deals with a lot of movement, both people and packages. Always a difficult task to handle all those without wasting a lot of time.Warehouse or offices,all of them need a gadget to move packages around.Introducing the all new NEXTGEN TROLLEY, the single solution to all your luggage needs. Its very simple to use,to have at home or going for a tour. It comes in handy.No members
Eden1WaterUMOur Company, Eden1, is developing a new water drainage design to help householders save clean water and reduce water bills.

Clean water is usually wasted in several ways such as: waiting hot water to come during winter, waiting cold water to come during summer, balancing hot and cold water together, washing clean hands before eating. The water is clean and the amount of volume is huge.

If we can reuse this clean water, it will contribute to saving water and money. Our idea is to provide two ways drainage for basins such that it can divert water manually between waste and clean water. The wastewater will go to the normal waste while the clean water can be routed to supply water for gardening and toilet flushing.
Liang Ming
Firman Pahrizal
Md Tanzidul Alam Khan
Wahid Hasyim
Mustafa Jamal H Almuailo
Yerbolat Zhazylbek
HanaS: Hana Shiraz
Eden2s-coinsS-coins is a product which helps people sort coins and calculate the amount of the coins. The idea comes from one of our group member who does part-time job as a cashier at a store in campus center. She had some unsatisfying experiences when counting coins.Qiang Xu
Zhiyi Zhou
Shuai Jiang
Hongbo Shi
Hao Li
Zonghan Li
TianyaoS: Tianyao Shen
Eden3HelSafeÔHelsafeÕ is developing a helmet to help motorcyclists to drive safely. Many accidents faced by motorcyclists happen because of drunk driving, driving while nervous, riding without helmet. We come up with idea of mitigating those issues in a single solution. Thereby we are going to design a helmet with alcohol monitoring and blood-pulse rate measuring device. We will establish sensory connection between helmet and bike-key. Also in the long run we will enable our helmet with some add-on features like in-built headphones for recognition of navigation voices, auto-calling ambulance service when accident occurs, sensing distance of vehicle in rear. Safety is the most important parameter while driving. We can capture the government support of various countries who are all facing the problems.#NAME?TianyaoS: Tianyao Shen
Eden4ChargePZChargePZ is developing ÒPizCapÓ a battery charger mouse pad to help australian gamers take advantage of the usage of mouse during PC gaming to generate electrical energy to charge cellphones, batteries, and other gaming devices .Cesar Enrique Serrano Rubio
Rodolfo De Jesus Gonzalez Delgado
Yozelin Viridiana Zavala Galindo
Ana Belen Montoya Manjarrez
Nha Dat Bui
Arian Yusuf
TianyaoS: Tianyao Shen
Eden5Renewable Energy SolutionsAfter thorough background research on the renewable energy source for street lamps in economies around the world, we have found that most of the existing smart lighting systems are mass produced and are quite inefficient for different locations since there is a significant difference in the availability of wind and solar power in different regions. To capitalize on this market gap, our plan is to maximize the renewable energy light sources with a unique design for different locations and customer specifications. Due to traditional street lamps using the electricity from the national grid, the global mission to reduce carbon emissions is hindered. Our aim to provide a hybrid solar-wind street lamp system that will self sustaining and applicable to different locations around the world.
#NAME?SimeonC: Simeon Cheuk
Eden6BagboardBagboard, is developing a multi-functional backpack fusing with a high-tech skateboard that can be easily folded or attached inside the bag. It also is empowered by an electric motor, remote control, on board navigation display, rechargeable battery and USB plug-in, which is suitable for charging other devices. Our product increases the efficiency and facilitates the ridership for students and people who desire to have fun while riding their skateboard. Now we as a team try to allocate all or some of these feature to a skateboard to meet everyoneÕs needs in this period of time.
Seyed Arash Fatemi
Saeed Mafi
Shima Zameni
Maan Kerbaj
Qi Zhang
Md Irfanul Islam
RohanN: Rohan Nowell
Eden7TiezhuOur group wants to develop a nano-purifier air conditioner, which can improve the air quality in our living and working places. Due to the fact that many countries are suffering from serious air pollution issue, which is harmful to peopleÕs health. In the long run, poor air quality can cause our heart and lung cancer, especially affecting the health of elders, children and pregnant women. The new technology aims to reduce the density of PM 2.5 in our room, resulting in solving this problem. By installing a column of titanium dioxide filter in the existing air conditioner, the photocatalytic degradation will adsorb the particles and degrade the organics in the air. This technology is more efficient than the existing air purifier method. We will success at the end of this semester.Shitong Chen
Sichun Guo
Qi Li
Huaitao Yang
Yanxing Ma
Yiqing Li
QichengH: Qicheng Hou
Eden8FixedOur company name is fixed, this is going to be an online business platform for independent skilled technical persons and contractors for getting more work orders. Moreover, this will be the greatest opportunity for emerging sole proprietors to expand their business as well. Our company is determined to preserve both the right of consumers and technical service providers.
The Unique Selling Proposition of our business model is the good practice of bracing fast, independent and unique but lowest market pricing. We are more focused and dedicated to providing the best service and experience to Melbourne dwellers when they need it most.
Raziul Hassan
Darshan Chakma
Veer Sanghvi
Dharaneswara Varma Nageedi
Pavan Kumar Kambala
Sagar Bajwa
YuqiW: Yuqi Wang
Faye1PuretifulMakeup and makeup tools have become an essential part of almost every woman's life. One of the most prominent makeup tools is makeup sponges. Nonetheless, they are associated with its difficult cleaning process. People who prefer to put their makeup on with the sponges usually face the cleaning process issue due to the fact that it is important to keep them clean and fresh. Otherwise, makeup residues can cause bacteria growth and it can promote skin issues like acne. Additionally, the cleaning process is a very time consuming procedure. Moreover, it is compulsory to clean this makeup tool after every application. It takes in average 10 minutes to clean it up. Our company suggests a solution which can save people money and time. Our device is a makeup-sponges cleaning machine.Xiaofei Wang
Hanwen Zang
Qionglu Mao
Simeng Liu
Aiuna Dambieva
Athreyi Robbi
SimeonC: Simeon Cheuk
Faye2PPXIn our normal life, people may forget to turn off the faucet of the kitchen or toilet. Our design is to avoid this situation, when the water to reach specific levels our device will automatic turn off the faucet. It is about a system which can reflect to water level from a transducer. After that, circuit board will transfer the circuit to order the second switch to control the water flow if people forget turn off the faucet and cause the water level over the edge of the hand washing sink. Therefore, this system can be effective to control this situation and avoid some unnecessary troubles. In conclusion, this system can be effective to solve the problem which the water overflow the edge of the washing sink and avoid many unnecessary troubles from this situation.
Wei Fan
Jinpeng Feng
Chao Cai
Zhaolong Zhang
Xingyu Ren
Jiawei Li
YueZ: Yue Zhao
Faye3PiezeinOur company PiezeinÕs start up idea is to focus on use of piezoelectric technology. For example, using transducers to generate renewable energy which can be accessible to anyone. Our company will focus on harnessing energy at locations where energy losses are undesirable but preferably attenuated. The piezoelectric technology functions on sound and vibrations or any form of mechanical stress to generate electricity from mechanical energy. From what the company understood from some of available resources is that piezo technology can be used into main stream technologies; such as sensor technology and energy harvesting technology.Himanshu Haridas
Sergey Gusev
- Lovenish Kumar
Nishant Vijay
Mohammad A Gh M H Ashour
Vyacheslav Evgenevich Solovev
QichengH: Qicheng Hou
Faye4Innovators of tomorrowSmart Camp
Your camping companion!

The SMART CAMP is a survival backpack equipped with lots of features which gives you a wonderful camping experience.
The idea originated as we are all camping enthusiasts and have all thought of experiences where we were in a tough spot, either lost our way, running low on battery power, lack of water, etcetera which in some circumstances, can lead to a life threatening situation.
FirstAid Kit, LED, Poncho
Solar back pack
Swiss Knife
Filter Bottle
In summary, this backpack is an all in one wonder, featuring a number of items which are essential for a camping. In a country like Australia where people spend considerable amount of time for camping, this compact backpack will be a lifesaver.
Aditya Gupta
Rakesh Sunil
Kush Kant Gupta
Lav Prakash Gupta
Arpit Saxena
Lekshmi Priya Dilipkumar
SimeonC: Simeon Cheuk
Faye5MySkyThere are many job involving standing in various organizations and industries. Although standing is a natural human posture, working in standing position for long working time can cause sore feet, general muscular fatigue, low back pain and etc.. In some jobs workers should have enough mobility to move from one working station to another but it is not convenient to bring normal chair when they change their working point. ICHAIR is a wearable system which allow workers to change their posture from standing position to sitting position wherever they need in their workplaces. It is a kind of chair which attached to the workers and give them accessibility to a comfortable siting area while they are working. The main parts can be fabricated strong composite or compressed plastics.Mohammad Liravi
Yingxue Shang
Handi Renaldi
Karl-Filip Harald Selander
Sameer Suryakant More
Siti Adriani
RezaS: Reza Sabet
Faye6kongpaoOur product, kidsÕ Drawing Paterner (KDP), is developing assists to help children make a quick and efficient hand painted in the absence of any painting study experience. Most children like painting, but they usually need quite a period of practice to be able to make a satisfactory painting. Many of them may not be confident in their works. Therefore, they would find a tool that can improve their painting skills in a short time and be willing to purchase this tool.
The principle of this product is optical imaging. In 1807, when the British royal society academician William Heidewollston invented a patent called Camera Lucida which assisted painting. And KDP device is inspired by this, it can be regarded as its upgraded version.
Mengdi Huang
Qingyi Li
Ling Wang
Guangyue Sun
Hua Zhang
Haochuan Tian
WenchengL: Wencheng Liu
Faye7Tang TangTang Tang is developing the business model to sell nutritious Chinese traditional soup in Melbourne using fast and convenient way. The main objective of our business is to provide the authentic traditional soup for the Chinese community away from home and promote more about the Chinese traditional healthy food and its benefits. Hence, our targeted customers are not only Chinese community but also the local multicultural communities in Melbourne. Our soup will be served using vending machines and planning to make it available anywhere at any time.
We believe that our business model will fulfil the wishes of people who are missing authentic traditional soup at cold winter nights. On the other hand, Tang Tang is good for the immune system and give other health benefits for our body.
Zhenqi Cai
Solomon Tung Kit Lin
Yu Fung Lee
Chuqi Wan
- Phyo Myint Aye
Qingrui Kong
WenchengL: Wencheng Liu
Faye8The PIONEERSWe often face situations when we like a certain shoe, but we donÕt have a color option or we donÕt find a suitable size in the design. The problems faced by people with deformities or walking abnormalities is even graver since they have to go with whateverÕs available for them to wear due to lack of good quality customized shoes for the. Therefore, we have come up with an idea of developing shoes which can be customized according to peopleÕs demand with the desired shapes, designs and color schematics. You just need to approach our nearest outlet for inputting the dimensions of your feet into our system following which we would provide you with the shoe you desire within 7-10 working days anywhere in Australia.Karanveer Goyal
Ganesh Reddy Vagalla
Chiranjeev Bhutani
Meyyappa Palaniappan
Thirumurugan Rajan
Yanyu Ge
YuqiW: Yuqi Wang
Gary14B2G4B2G is developing recycled self-heating lunch box to help people, who work out of city, such as field work, geological prospecting and so on, to solve the problem of having hot meals with using chemical principles to heating their meals and this device can be recycled and also can save electricity power.Zhihao Zhou
Rengchong Xu
Jialong Yuan
Chaowei Jia
Jiaqi Zhang
Tianyi Wang
YueZ: Yue Zhao
Gary2Cwater Environment Technology Co LtdCwater Environment Technology Co Ltd is developing a sustainable grey water recycling system to help residents to solve water shortage and pollution problems with biotreatment and urban sensitive water techniques.Shulun Liu
Haojun Miao
Jiaxin Guo
Rui Gao
Helai Cheng
Bin Shang
WenchengL: Wencheng Liu
Gary3Sun2LightSun2Light will develop lamps capable to provide light during day and night without using any power from the grid but from sunlight. The design consists of three parts. First, sun tunnels that will catch and direct sunlight into the property, by using mirrors and lenses as needed. Second, photovoltaic cells that will be installed on the top of the roof in order to absorb daylight to produce electricity and store it into batteries. This power will be used to energize LEDs installed in the ceiling. Finally, both the sun tunnel and the LED bulbs will illuminate large pipes filled with a salted fluid that reflect light, in order to scatter light on whole rooms depending on our customers' needs and the scope of the project. Installation and support services will be provided by our personnel.Pedro Camara Martinez
Ivan Hernandez Vargas
Muhammad Awais
Xinghan Liu
Yan Zhang
Mingjie Yang
QichengH: Qicheng Hou
Gary4CLiNOCLiNO is an innovative online customised clothing platform to help customers design and purchase clothes as per their choice. No more selecting from a limited collection, No more finding someone wearing the same dress as you at a party! CLiNO gives you the flexibility to design your garment with loads of options to choose from; be it type of material to type of collar, colour of fabric to colour of buttons. CLiNO gives you the exclusivity you always wanted in your clothes. With CLiNO, everyone can now be a designer, everyone can now be unique!Parth Yashwant Joshi
Harshil Narendrabhai Jariwala
Jigarkumar Bhikhabhai Patel
Lovdeep Khullar
Deena Mathew
Angelina Pothen Mathew
DeruiJ: Derui Jiang
Gary5M&E TechM&E Tech is developing an ovulation tracker to help women accurately track their fertility window with a cleaner, less invasive and more discreet method compared to those on the market currently using a combination saliva tracker and core body temperature tracker.Jue Wang
Gagandeep Singh
Tong Lu
Shuhan Xu
Julie Nguyen
Rui Ou
YuqiW: Yuqi Wang
Gary6The Ground BreakersThe Ground Breakers ,is developing a Hazardous Environment Safety Suit (HESS) to help fire fighters handle traumas caused in perilous environments with composite foams and magnetorheological fluids(optional). These materials will act as low-profile, lightweight, impact resistant structural support members, to attenuate the trauma loads caused by falling debris or structural collapses, just to name a few situations, focused on protecting the Head, Neck and Torso.Harneet Kaur Sohi
Nighat Naaz
Mustafa Khozema Pardawala
- Nimmakayulu Sandeep
Yunfeng Peng
Yingqi Tao
RohanN: Rohan Nowell