ENG5002-6002 – 17S2 – Week 02 – Idea Generation


  • 2. Beachhead Market


Important Notes to All Students

For those who have registered a team of 6 students:

For those who haven’t registered a team of 6 students:

  • You need to proceed to EH2 after the Safety Briefing to assemble your team of 6 and finish the team registration.
  • All teams need to formulate an idea for their startup team by the end of the class, and those failed to team-up will be assigned into teams.

Regarding submitting assignment “Startup Proposal (5%)”

  • The submission deadline is at 1200 on August 07 at this link.
  • Any late submission will be considered as no marking of this section for all members of the team.

This is a tentative schedule for ENG 5002/6002 in 17S2 that is subject to change.

  • Each class is divided into 3 segments with the combination of [starting hour: 09/10/11] and [lecture venue: EH/LT]. EH is the Examination Hall 3+4, and LT is the Lecture Theatre S4.