We are developing robotic systems that are sustainable in design and intelligent in technology. Our approach is accomplished through new design and fabrication of actuation and sensing mechanisms using traditional rigid and emerging soft materials in additional to the development of robust system control strategies. Our aim is to build automated mechanic systems for the better life and work of people through a personal level of interactions. Additional research collaborations are in place to explore novel robotic applications in medical device, railway inspection, aerial cinematography, road safety, etc. Original concept for projects in the Sustainable Robotics and Machine Intelligence were proposed by the CIs, and most projects in the collaborative research were initiated by the respective partners.


Sustainable Robotics

The sustainable robotics comes in forms of bio-inspired design (i.e. sourcing from the nature to explore novel designs as engineering solutions), environmental-friendly materials, and human-centered interactions.


Machine Intelligence

The intelligent robotics comes in forms of mechanical design (i.e. embedded feedback mechanism into mechanical systems to reduce the complexity in control), interactive sensing, and artificial intelligence.


Research Collaborations