ENG5002-6002 17S2 Common Preparations

Reimbursement Process

Please keep in mind that each team is only allowed to send 1 combined PDF file to your demonstrator using the filename “Team#-Claim.pdf”, i.e. “Adam1-Claim.pdf”.

  1. Please fill out this form and send a scanned copy to your demonstrator before the end of Week 11’s class.
  2. You can leave out the parts of codes for Cost Center and Supervisor Signature.
  3. Be sure to print and sign your name.
  4. The 1st page of your combined PDF shall be the filled claimed form
  5. The 2nd or following pages shall be copies of your receipts.
  6. A good way to attach your receipts is to glue them onto a piece of A4 paper and then number them in sequence, which you can use when filling the claim form and scan the A4 paper instead.

You can print a new version of your poster if you still have the budget to do so. Only print the new version if really necessary.

The claim process will only work on a team basis, meaning one student’s contact info will be used for the claim. To split the cost within your team shall be resolved within your team.

Please contact your demonstrator if your spending is more than $200, and we can not guarantee the claim for part more than $200.

General Notice

Please note that for this semester, we are going to maximise the use of Monash Google Apps for team communication and assignment submission.

  • Getting familiar with this tool would be tremendously helpful to your work during this course. Please let me know if you have any difficulty accessing any of these tools on your phone or computer.

So make sure you have the following prepared USING YOUR MONASH GMAIL ACCOUNT.

  • Google Hangout
    • Install Google Hangout on your phone
    • Friend me and Terry at Chaoyang.Song@monash.edu and Terence.Turney@monash.edu
  • Google Plus
    • Create a Google Plus page of yourself
    • Give a brief description of yourself to be known
  • Google Drive (Doc/Sheet/Slide)
    • Get yourself familiar with it as we will be using it a lot during this course
    • Once received the folder, go to your Drive=>Shared with me=>Right Click on the folder and choose “Add to my Drive”, This will make it much easier to accesss this folder in your Drive.

How to activate Additional Google Services including Youtube / Hangout / Plus / … with your Monash Gmail Account

With the new identity management system in place, staff and students can opt-in to Additional Google Services themselves.

Please read the following steps on how to opt-into Google Apps additional services:

1. Login to the Monash portal
2. Click on the “Help” tile then click on “Manage my password”
3. Click on “Opt in to Google Apps additional services”
4. Follow the instructions on this page

Alternatively, you can follow this link to take you directly to the opt-in page.

If you’ve received an error message such as “error unknown”, please clear your cookies and cache in your browser and/or visit the page in private browsing(incognito). Instructions on how to clear cookies and cache for your browser can be found here.

How to Video Record your presentations

This is a simple solution in Microsoft Powerpoint, as a recording function is built-in the software. But for Google Slides, it is a bit tricky. You have two ways to work around.

  • The content of the video should resolve around your presentation and your most up to date progress, but you are welcome to be creative about how to present it.
  • This is a Team assignment, and the question about who to present makes no sense at all
  • You need to prepare and submit a PDF version of the slides.

Option 1: Save your Google Slides in Microsoft Powerpoint and record using Microsoft Powerpoint 

  • This is not actually recommended, but ok if you can’t adapt to the use of cloud services.

Option 2: Use third-party services such as Screencastify, which has Google integration and free service available.

  • This is highly recommended, which has Chrome integration and browser-based, with fully integrated connectivity to Youtube and very simple to use.
  • The Free/Lite version is open for everyone to use, 10 min video limit (same as our requirement), 50 videos/month (more than enough), screencastify watermark (fine with me)

Services and Resources that can be helpful

How to pitch a deck?

Poster printing service

  • Monash Printing Service do have one and you need to send it to me 1 week in advance
  • An optional choice is to do it at Officeworks, which takes 3~5 days as well, so plan ahead

Physical Prototyping

Only a mock-up is required for physical prototyping, meaning that it is not necessary for it to be fully functional, but illustrative enough to help others understand what you are trying to achieve, and how you are going to deliver the functionality.

  • The science part, in principle, should be readily available, as this is not a research topic, but a commercial development
  • The engineering part is what you need to explain, preferably with sufficient illustration to clarify that you can deliver what’s been promised within a window of opportunity
  • The design part is very helpful to help others empathize how your solution is going to be a commercially realistic one that others are willing to pay
  • In short, a functional prototype helps, but a quality mock-up is the minimal requirement
  • Every team has $200 budge for all cost, including poster printing. In general, you are recommended to buy all material using cash, and then claim it later around Week 10.
    • You can buy online, but buying using cash makes everything easier during the claim process.
    • Please don’t buy from overseas, just don’t. I have no idea how you can get claimed, and I’m not sure if you will ever receive it with the local delivery service.

Below is a list of local suppliers to help you get started. All within Monash transportation range.

Bunnings Warehouse

  • Australia’s largest household hardware chain
  • Notting Hill Store: within walking distance (right next to the campus).
  • Chadtone Store: Great alternative choice near Monash.


  • Scandinavian chain selling ready-to-assemble furniture, plus housewares, in a warehouse-like space.
  • Springvale Store: Very close to Monash with Bus stations.
  • Poster printing cost is included in your $200 team budget.


  • A chain of Australian office supplies stores.
  • Chadstone Store: Great alternative choice near Monash. Bus 742 is the choice if no cars.

Chadstone Shopping Centre

  • The biggest shopping centre in Australia and claims to be the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere
  • A lot of alternative stores to help you find tools and resources for prototyping.
  • Direction from Monash to Chadstone.