ENG5002-6002 – 17S2 – Week 11 – Prototyping Improvement


  • 10EH:Prototype Finalisation
  • 11EH: Prototype Peer Marking

This is a tentative schedule for ENG 5002/6002 in 17S2 that is subject to change.

  • Each class is divided into 3 segments with the combination of [starting hour: 09/10/11] and [lecture venue: EH/LT]. EH is the Examination Hall 3+4, and LT is the Lecture Theatre S4.

Reimbursement Process

Please keep in mind that each team is only allowed to send 1 combined PDF file to your demonstrator using the filename “Team#-Claim.pdf”, i.e. “Adam1-Claim.pdf”.

  1. Please fill out this form and send a scanned copy to your demonstrator before the end of Week 11’s class.
  2. You can leave out the parts of codes for Cost Center and Supervisor Signature.
  3. Be sure to print and sign your name.
  4. The 1st page of your combined PDF shall be the filled claimed form
  5. The 2nd or following pages shall be copies of your receipts.
  6. A good way to attach your receipts is to glue them onto a piece of A4 paper and then number them in sequence, which you can use when filling the claim form and scan the A4 paper instead.

You can print a new version of your poster if you still have the budget to do so. Only print the new version if really necessary.

The claim process will only work on a team basis, meaning one student’s contact info will be used for the claim. To split the cost within your team shall be resolved within your team.

Please contact your demonstrator if your spending is more than $200, and we can not guarantee the claim for part more than $200.