ENG5002-6002 – 17S2 – Week 06 – Can Your Company Be Competitive?


  • 13. Map the Process to Acquire a Paying Customer
  • 20. Identify Key Assumptions
  • 21. Test Key Assumptions


  • 09EH: In-class Presentation by Group Dave
  • 10EH: Guest Lecture (MiniFab, Erol Harvey)
  • 11EH: Startup Review (CS)

This is a tentative schedule for ENG 5002/6002 in 17S2 that is subject to change.

  • Each class is divided into 3 segments with the combination of [starting hour: 09/10/11] and [lecture venue: EH/LT]. EH is the Examination Hall 3+4, and LT is the Lecture Theatre S4.

Weekly Presentation and Cross-evaluation

Each student will submit this form each time when assessing another team in your presentation group.

  • This means each student is expected to submit the following form 7 times for the other 7 teams in your Group.

In-class Presentations

Video Presentations