General Templates

Collaborative Writing

  • Overleaf: Real-time latex-based collaborative writing and publishing tool with integrated PDF view
    • Email me when you need to write a document. I will send you an invitation to our Mendeley space.
    • Use the Monash SIR Group Overleaf Template to prepare your document by uploading it to Mendeley
    • Organize and upload all documents that you want to cite in your assigned Mendeley Group
    • In Overleaf, click [Project] on the top-left corner, click [File] => [Bibliography]
    • Then, link the bib file to your Mendeley account by clicking [Add Mendeley bibliography]
    • Choose your assigned Mendeley Group to cite your uploaded documents
    • Replace [mybibfile] with the filename of your newly added Mendeley bib filename to cite with ease
  • Google Doc:

Referencing Tool

  • Mendeley: Highly recommended with all platform support (Win/Mac/Linux).