How to prepare purchase request


Each purchase should consist of the following files. Make sure you have at least the first two documents before making the purchase.

  1. *YYYYMMDD-Supplier-PurchaseForm-Product
    • This should be the standard Purchase Requisition Form, to be sent for the university to make formal purchase.
    • Make sure you add the URL to the product with the correct choice of specs.
  2. *YYYYMMDD-Supplier-PurchaseQuotation-Product
    • This should be the official quotation you get from the supplier, you may acquired multiple quotations, simply create one for each.
    • If it is an online purchase, what you need to do is get a screenshot of the webpage that contains a price. Try this handy plugin on Chrome.
  3. YYYYMMDD-Supplier-PurchaseOrder-Product-PO#
    • This should be the official Purchase Order cc’d to you by the university purchasing officer, if it is sent to you. Include the PO# when necessary.
    • Don’t worry if you don’t have this file. It is normal. But you should include this file whenever you have it.
  4. YYYYMMDD-Supplier-PurchaseTechnical-Product
    • This should be the technical specifications of the product that you are purchasing, which is usually accessible online.
  5. YYYYMMDD-Supplier-PurchaseSafety-Product
    • This should be the safety instructions, which is also accessible online usually.

YYYYMMDD: The exact date when you created this purchase, NOT the date when you made the purchase.

Supplier: The name of the Supplier

Product: The name of the Product that you are buying. If multiple products involves, you can create one file for each product, i.e. Technical, Safety.


On the date 20160401, You need to make a purchase of some EcoFlex 0030 material from, which is a US-based company.

  1. Luck for you, this supplier,, is listed at Monash SIR Group’s Supplier page.
  2. In the search box on the top-right corner, type in “ecoflex 0030” and search results are listed here.
  3. Locate “ecoflex 0030” from the search results here. Here contains all general information about this product. Check and see if it meets your need. Make a decision or save it for later.
  4. To give you more details on the technical specifications, try scroll down and search for “Technical”, you will see a link on the right says “Download Technical Bulletin”, click it gives you the PurchaseTechnical file that you need to put in the purchase record. Remember to name it properly.
  5. You are required to search for any available safety instructions regarding this material. On the right, there is a link says “Safety Data Sheet”, which gives you the PurchaseSafety file that you need to put in the purchase record. Remember to name it properly.
  6. Now, you should probably make up you mind that you need (or not) to buy it. Then search for any local suppliers. At Smooth-on Front Page, there’s a link says “Find a Distributor Nears you“, click through you will see that there’s one supplier as the following available. Good. Check it out as this will probably be your Supplier (=RoweTradingCompany).
    • Australia
      Rowe Trading Company
      4 Holder Ave.
      Richmond, South Australia 5033
      Tel: 61-8-8234-0000
      Fax: 61-8-8234-2092
  7. Luck that Rowe Trading Company has a online purchasing channel. Search for the same product, ecoflex 0030, and find the one that suits your need.
  8. Now, to make everything easier, please use Chrome Browser and install a plugin called “Full Page Screen Capture“. Then, use this plugin to take a screenshot of this online purchasing webpage that includes the item specification and price, along with other critical information that you need to make a convincing PurchaseQuotation.
  9. Finally, you’ve gathered almost all information you need to make this purchase. You should prepare the following files to make this purchase.
    1. 20160401-RoweTradingCompany-PurchaseForm-Exoflex0030
      1. Fill out this form, put as many information as possible. Since this is an Excel spreadsheet, make an hyper link for each item you are purchasing, so that others can follow the purchase easily.
    2. 20160401-RoweTradingCompany-PurchaseQuotation-Exoflex0030
      1. For this purchase specifically, this file should be the screenshot at Rowe Trading Company’s online store of this specific product.
    3. 20160401-RoweTradingCompany-PurchaseTechnical-Exoflex0030
      1. This technical detail is usually available at the original company, i.e. smooth-on for this case, but some local distributors may provide this file also.
    4. 20160401-RoweTradingCompany-PurchaseSafety-Exoflex0030
      1. This technical detail is usually available at the original company, i.e. smooth-on for this case, but some local distributors may provide this file also.
  10. What you need to submit to me or the purchasing officer is “PurchaseForm” and “PurchaseQuotation”, but you should always keep a copy of all the above 4 files in the Shared Google Drive.
  11. After submitting the “PurchaseForm” and “PurchaseQuotation”, you might be cc’d with a PurchaseOrder file. Rename the file properly as follows and also include it in the Shared Google Drive.
    1. 20160401-RoweTradingCompany-PurchaseOrder-Exoflex0030-PO#XXXXXXXX